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Protein Skimmers > Bubble Magus > Small Footprint
 Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer NAC3+

<p>For In-Sump use only.</p>
<p>Dimensions: 6.8&quot; x 4.3&quot; x 17.5&quot; (L*W*H)High quality cast acrylic body for maximum durability.</p>
<p>Cylinder shape, 4&quot;diameterPump: ATMAN PH1100 110V 8Watt Highly Efficient &amp; ReliableSupplied with Needlewheel Highly Efficient &amp; Reliable</p>
<p>Air intake: 200 LPH </p>
<p>Capability: Light Bio-load: 80 GallonsMedium Bio-load: 60 GallonsHeavy Bio-load:&nbsp;40 Gallons</p>
<p>Minimum water depth: 6”.For optimum performance NAC3&#43; should be submerged in 8”-10” of water.
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For In-Sump use only.

Dimensions: 6.8" x 4.3" x 17.5" (L*W*H)
High quality cast acrylic body for maximum durability.

Cylinder shape, 4"diameter
Pump: ATMAN PH1100 110V 8Watt
Highly Efficient & Reliable
Supplied with Needlewheel
Highly Efficient & Reliable

Air intake: 200 LPH

Light Bio-load: 80 Gallons
Medium Bio-load: 60 Gallons
Heavy Bio-load: 40 Gallons

Minimum water depth: 6”.
For optimum performance NAC3+ should be submerged in 8”-10” of water.

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