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The 32" Jelliquarium Cherrywood Traditional series one of our most recent freestanding home or office jellyfish display system.

The cabinet is 35" Long by 14.5 Wide and 75” Tall. Built with premium cherrywood veneer plywood. Crown molding is wider at top and is part of the removeable lid. Doors are framed overlay with hidden No-Thump self closing hinges. New octogon design porthole ring is 21” in diameter (ID) and centered on the upper portion of the stand. Ventilation panels are hand-made louvers, provide positive air flow and are located on both ends. Image above is cherrywood with MinWax Sedona Red #222 stain. Interior and backside is sealed and lacquered.

Should you desire another color, style of wood or finish we can accommodate you, just ask and let my cabinet company create what you seek.

Our 30” Jelliquarium tank is 30.25" Long by 12” Wide and 30.5” Tall and manufactured from cast acrylic material. This patented 40 gallon faceted tank design includes true surface skimming to eliminate organics and an anti-siphon design feature to minimize back-siphon. This tank comes with a colored back which is available in Black, Light and Dark Blue ( see Background Option above ), an optional Clear back for see-thru two-sided viewing is available.

Lighting includes our new Color Changing LED lighting System. LED technology allows for a rainbow of colors in three modes, slow rotation, disco beat or individual colors. This system uses a micro processor and is operated with a hand held on-off remote control.

Our life support system uses a combination of wet-dry filter technology, a reliable Tradewinds brand chiller, a digital temperature controller and quiet Iwaki brand water pump help ensure a highly oxygenated, biologically effective environment and reliable operation. Ball valves and union fittings allow for easy removal and maintenance of various components and a gate valve allows for the fine adjustments to water flow.

The electrical power center is GFI controlled for ultimate safety, includes a programmable digital timer and both outlet boxes include clear NEMA enclosures for protection from saltwater.

This is a complete or ‘operational’ system. Once assembled it can be filled with water and operated.



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300 Gal Rectangular Acrylic Tank 96"x 24"x 30"Tall

Model 300T clear acrylic aquarium includes 3 light hoods, fluorescent light fixtures and l...

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55 Gal. Rectangular Acrylic Tank 48"x 13"x 20"Tall

Model 55S clear acrylic aquarium includes light hood, fluorescent light fixture and lifetime wa...

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10 Gal. Rectangular Acrylic Tank 24"x 8"x 12"Tall

Model 10S clear acrylic aquarium includes light hood, fluorescent light fixture and lifetime wa...

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20 Gal. Hex Acrylic Tank 15" flat to flat, 24"Tall

Model 20Hex clear acrylic aquarium includes light hood, fluorescent light fixture and lifetime ...

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Foam Block Post Filter Sponge
This is this replacement foam block that serves as the post filter sponge in all the Bio-Fil Wet-Dry...
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Hang-On-Glass 1.0 Upflow Algae Scrubber

This HOG1 is a HOG Scrubber (tm) with over 24 square inches (150 square cm) of algal growth sur...

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Bio-Fil 2 - 60 Wet Dry Filter 20" x 8.5" x 16"

Bio-Fil 2™ Wet/Dry Filters include Bio-Pin Balls® and provide the most effective method of aqua...

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Euro-Fil 1 - 240 Reef Filter 36"x12.5"x16"

The Euro-Fil 1™ Reef Filter provides the Berlin Method, or no-bio-media, style  ...

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Euro-Fil 1 - 60, Reef Filter 20"x 8.5x16"

The Euro-Fil 1™ Reef Filter provides Berlin Method, or no-bio-media, style design int...

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60-75 Gal. ES Oak Stand 48" X 15" X 30" TALL

Oak Cabinet Stand is 30" tall. Premium Oak veneer with solid oak moldings. Radiu...

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40-50-55 Gal. Laminate Stand 36" x 15" x 30"Tall

Laminate stand is 30 inches tall. Formica is laminated onto quality vaneer plywood. Square corn...

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40-50-55 Gal. MS Maple Stand 36"x15"x30"Tall
Simple and elegant lines of the Mission Style these maple stands are 30" tall. S...
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75-100-125 Gal. ES Pine Stand 60" X 18" X 30" TALL

Pine Cabinet Stands are 30" tall. Solid pine face, doors and molding with birch ...

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Blue Bonded Filter Pad - 12" x 26"
The Blue Bonded Filter Pads are specially designed to prolong the life of filter media by redu...
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Secure Octopus - Ephyra Tank

Octopus - Ephyra Tank has full size polycarbonate lid that securely covers the entire top ...

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24" Coral Frag Tank Only

Coral fragment tank only. Tank is 24" square by 12" Tall, all acrylic panels are clea...

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30" In-Wall Jelliquarium System for Jellyfish

The 30" Jelliquarium In-Wall System is our least expensive and smallest home or office jel...

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1-1/2 diameter Flexible Drain Hose, 3 foot
Flexible Drain Hose is 1-1/2 inch diameter and 36 inches long. Installed into both ends of hose is a...
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Euro-Fil 1 - 125 Reef Filter 24"x 12.5 x 16"

The Euro-Fil 1™ 125 Reef Filter provides the Berlin Method, or no-bio-media, style&nb...

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KIS - 125, Reef Filter 24"x12.5"x16"

The KIS (Keep It Simple) Reef Filters are designed specifically for reef aquariums where a...

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Bio-Fil 2 - 240 Wet Dry Filter 36"x 12.5"x16"

Bio-Fil 2™ Wet/Dry Filters include Bio-Pin Balls® and provide the most effective method of aqua...

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60"x16" Jelliquarium Tank Only

The monstrous 60" Jelliquarium TANK ONLY is an all new, exciting home or office ...

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Prazi Pro 4 oz.
This is a ready-to-use, liquid concentrate that was developed as an effective way to deal with...
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1/2 Inch Bulkhead
This 1/2" bulkhead has a threaded throat on the front flange end. The back end will accept...
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Polyp & Ephyra Combo w/ Filter System 24"

Independent and Inexpensive. This complete SYSTEM simplifies the seperation of free swimming ju...

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40-50-55 Gal. LS Oak Stand 36" X 15" X 30" TALL

LS Oak Cabinet Stand is 30" tall. Premium Oak veneer with radiused edg...

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Cupramine copper medication 100 ml
Copper is a powerful tool for treating parasitic infections in fish. Cupramine offers a buffered act...
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24" Coral Frag Growing System

This complete coral frag grow-out system consists of a 24" square tank that is 12" ta...

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48"x12" Jelliquarium In-Wall System

The 48" Jelliquarium In-Wall System is the most popular of our home or office jellyfish di...

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ES Hexagon Oak Stand 15" Flat to Flat X 30" TALL

Oak Cabinet Hexagon Stand is 30" tall. Premium Oak veneer with solid oak molding...

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Luft Pump 7.0 psi (ESU)
Coralifes Luft Pump produces a high-pressure output ideal for protein skimmers, reactors, and ...
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Aqua Tongs 34" - ESU
With its large 34" grip, Coralife Aqua Tongs are a great tool for preventing contaminatio...
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65 Gal. CS Oak Stand 36" X 18" X 30"Tall

The CS Series is a modern design that combines wood with matte black MDF.  CS Oak sta...

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32" Boardwalk Jelliquarium for jellyfish

The 32" Jelliquarium Oak Boardwalk cabinets are a freestanding, exciting home or...

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55 Gal. Hexagon Seahorse Tank

55 gallon Hexagon Seahorse tank with built-in filter system, includes light hood, fixture and a...

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75 Gal Uniquarium Hex 25" flat to flat, 30" Tall

75UH UniQuarium with built-in filter includes pump, light hood, fluorescent light fixture and l...

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